We are small but beautiful !

WE ARE SMALL BUT BEAUTIFUL it is our slogan, we are proud to be a small reality with great experience and professionalism overlooking the world.

The company ITALIA MEAT SRL works in the field of production and trading of fresh and frozen meat.

Team Italia Meat

Highly specialized in the poultry sector, where we consider ourselves to be among the main exporters of hens and hen cuts, we also deal with every type of pork meat, beef and fish.

The founder Mr Luciano Alpi’s 50 years of professionalism, seriousness and experience are the strength of the company Italia Meat srl that today can be proud of the esteem and cooperation of the main producers and operators in this field at a national and international level, and of a detailed and efficient trading and logistics service all over the world.

Nowadays: today Italia Meat srl carries on his activity successfully thanks to many years of experience and satisfactions.

Luiciano Alpi CEO Italia Meat srl

Italia Meat srl

Since 1960 a leading company in trading fresh and frozen meat

  • 1961

    At the age of 12, little more than a child, Mr. Luciano Alpi starts his activity as shop assistant, called at those days “shop boy” in a butcher shop of the village.

  • 1965

    Luciano Alpi takes over the butchery and starts running the activity successfully with the support of his father, a furnace worker.

  • 1979

    After the selling of the butcher shop, Luciano Alpi takes over a poultry slaughterhouse with a business partner, this leads to the foundation of Alcarni.

  • 1985

    Associate with his wife Hélène, thanks to his increasing will of expanding towards a wider market, Luciano builds an industrial slaughterhouse for chickens and turkeys, always in Faenza, a few steps from his first plant.

  • 1995

    At the highest of the activity of the slaughterhouse, Luciano has the right intuition of selling with satisfaction the plant and the activity to a well-known cooperative in that sector in Italy.

  • 1996

    Thanks to Hélène’s knowledge of the French language, to Luciano’s marked entrepreneurship and to their international attitude, Luciano and Hélène start to import and export meat firstly in Europe and afterwards beyond Ocean both towards Africa and Sud America, China and India.